What is twinme?

twinme is a free one-to-one messaging and high-definition (HD) voice/video calling application, with no sign-up and no access to personal information: no phone number, no email, no user ID, no search into your device address book. twinme conversations happen in peer-to-peer directly from device to device (with no staging server storing content) and are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring all exchanges remain private.

Your contact information is unique to each one of your correspondents. It cannot be transferred, stored or used by anyone else. You can remove any unwanted contact in one click to become unreachable by that contact. twinme protects you from any risk of unexpected personal public exposure, unsolicited calls, harassment or spam.

twinme is a secure communication service protecting your privacy and giving you the freedom of interacting online like in real life: YOU are in complete control of your digital communications!