What is twinme?

twinme is a new generation messaging and audio/video call service that prioritizes the privacy and security of digital communications. What sets twinme apart from other alternatives is its unique approach to anonymous user identification, and peer-to-peer real-time exchanges between devices, without data transit servers.

Unlike traditional services, twinme does not rely on user IDs or any form of personal identification. It operates on an anonymous “relations” architecture, allowing users to establish connections between instances of the application on different devices. This means that twinme doesn’t require sign-up, access to personal information, phone numbers, email addresses, or searches through your device’s address book.

Moreover, twinme ensures that exchanges remain completely private and untraceable. By utilizing direct, real-time connections between devices through a peer-to-peer approach, twinme bypasses the need for data transit servers. This means that no external entity can access the exchanged contents outside of the communicating devices. The privacy and security of your conversations are maintained without leaving any trace, even in encrypted form, in the cloud.

Each relation you establish on twinme is unique to a specific correspondent and cannot be transferred to, or used by anyone else.  You can remove a relation with just one click, making yourself unreachable to that individual. This feature ensures that twinme protects you from the risks of unexpected personal public exposure, unsolicited calls, harassment, or spam.

With twinme, you have the freedom to interact online just as you would in real life, with complete control over your digital communications.